Hello everybody!

4th November 2018 0 By charlie

Again, I am sorry i haven’t posted for a while. I have been doing a lot of things this week and it has been really fun!

To start off, I went to Santa Pod, Flame and Thunder! It was really fun! I went with my dad. I saw loads of cars racing, monster trucks and i went on loads of fair rides! My favourite ride was the Waltzer. It was really fun and it whizzed you about loads!

I also went to Jango’s TWO TIMES!! In a row! It was super fun! [Jango’s is a play centre near to wear I live.] This weekend i went to my Grandma’s and it was also fun! I have had a great half term and i am kinda[:)] looking forward to going to school!

Make sure to check out my YouTube Channel! Search: Charlie’s Awesome Life!!!

Thanks Guys!